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TIAS werkt voor haar internationale full-time MBA-studenten al jaren samen met Cecile op het gebied van personal coaching. Cecile is een betrouwbare, ervaren coach. Zij is authentiek en zeer betrokken bij haar studenten en is in staat om onze studenten de juiste handvatten te geven die hen helpen bij hun persoonlijke ontwikkeling. Dit is wat sommige studenten over haar zeggen:

  • Cécile was very open and kind. She really listened to me and we had many great conversations
  • Cecile’s coaching style is very personal and focused on objective techniques. She was very good at finding my “pain” points
  • I believe she understood what I was looking for from the beginning and guided me through the process. She’s very approachable and I felt she truly understood the challenge I was facing.
  • It gave me new insights into what was on my mind and what I wanted to do in my life. Helped me gain self-confidence.
  • I believe the coaching helped me understand what potentials I had and how I could better exploit them. I fully met my goal.
  • I have made significant progress regarding my coaching goals, specifically relating to self-assessment and defining my personal ambitions and way to achieve these goals.
  • It can get more availability to talk variety issue that I faced in my situation.
  • My expectations were not only met, but it far exceeded my expectations. Confronted with a challenge, Cécile relies on her personal experience and feeling to answer. Instead of programmed, standard answers she replies with
  • Cécile speaks from the heart. Her approach is very personal and I felt really connected during our sessions.
  • Quite easy-going and helpful; honest and personal insights. Her work felt truly personal and connected.
  • Personal approach. Instead of pasteurised methods and push-phrases, she really looked at my questions and guided the process naturally and organically.
  • I personally felt the listening and sound-boarding skills coupled with solution-alternatives were great
  • My coach listened carefully and made summary my situation and then gave proper advise to me.
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