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Do you know what you really want?

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When you read ‘about me’, you will see how I struggled after my Arts and Cultural Sciences studies. I always thought that applying for a job starts with drawing up your curriculum vitae, drafting a motivation letter and then repeat it as often as you can -this application thing that is-.

In my time, finding a career consultant was not so easy. Through trial and error and especially by sticking at it, I found out that it didn’t quite work that way. One thing I learned was that job applications have far better results if you actually know what you’re doing and who you’re doing it for. In that case, be also prepared for less applications than you’d expect.

That’s why I offer an individual coaching programme of 4 months in which we will cover all steps of applying for a job in sessions fully focused on you.


The programme covers the following themes

  • Your interests and skills;
    you will examine which tasks you’re into and which ones are not ‘you’
  • Your ideal working environment;
    we will discuss for example which type of manager irritates you and what boosts your energy
  • How your ideal picture fits in with reality;
    you will for example learn more about your ‘deal breakers’
  • Your personal narrative ‘who are you in this world’;
    you will discover your distinctive character/strengths
  • Which application approach suits you;
    you will learn where to find job openings and what to include in your curriculum vitae

After covering all these themes you will be ready to conquer the labour market.

What’s the investment?

Your commitment, do the homework assignments and self-reflection. I will estimate the costs based on your question.

Important: you will have this one-time investment in yourself lined up for the rest of your career and you can use it time and again whenever you need.

Payment can be in instalments.

  • Testimonial Sarah

    “I meet Cécile during my MBA, the sessions and time I had with her are one of the best things that I have taken away from the MBA. From the first day Cécile was warm, open and kind which instantly made me feel secure and comfortable to share my thoughts and struggles. I was hesitant about the idea of personal coaching but through practical tools, non-judgemental conversations and compassionate approach Cécile opened my eyes to the value of coaching. To this day I think about and apply some of the tools Cécile introduced me to and for this I will be forever grateful – thank you Cécile.” – Sarah

How does it work?

We will start off with an intake interview. We can do this ‘face-to-face’ or via Skype. We will find out what you need and if we are on the same page. The intake interview is free of charge.

If we decide to cooperate, I will prepare a programme that matches your needs and we will get going. We will have in-person sessions of two hours. There will be homework after each session.

At the end of the process we will not say goodbye yet. Because an application process may just have started or is about to be completed after we have stopped seeing each other. I want to offer you the aftercare you need at that time. Maybe we need to go through your curriculum vitae once more or we can practice questions you can expect in your job interview.

What’s in it for you?

Let’s take the job interview.

You will learn to find out what kind of work suits you, where you can make use of your strengths and how to find this position. In the four months of this process you will also get to know yourself better, both on a personal level and as an employee.

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